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Tank & Silo Weighing

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Quickly and easily determine the weight of tank and silo contents with the range of tank and silo weighing load cells available at Meltrons. These load cells are perfectly suited for providing precise, accurate measurements during the storage, loading, and unloading of bulk solids and liquids such as wheat, flour, or food oils from tanks and silos.

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More information on Meltrons' tank and silo weighing

Tank and silo weighing load cells and solutions are most commonly installed underneath silos, hoppers, or tanks. Once installed, they’re usually calibrated using test weights to ensure they can accurately determine the weight of contents loaded from silos and other containers into trucks and transport, or vice versa. This includes the likes of the MT404 TWA tank weighing assembly, which is a fully configured weighing assembly capable of accurately measuring the amount of vertical force and providing detailed measurements of the weight of the contents inside.

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