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Crane & Hanging Scales

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Are you searching for an accurate weighing solution for industrial or commercial use? Operating in an environment where floor or bench space is limited? Our selection of Hanging and Crane Scales here at Meltrons can provide the accuracy you require all at an affordable price.

Our range offers high tension and compression weighing capacities. Additional features include large, bright digital LCD displays as well as wireless remote controls / indicators that ensure safe, efficient, easy operation while you're on the job.

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More information on Meltrons' crane & hanging scales

Whether you’re operating in confined commercial spaces with limited wiggle room or simply weighing heavy objects, Hanging and Crane Scales make light work of the task at hand. Hanging scales are a great choice when weighing items that are sold by weight, while our Crane Scales accurately measure the weight of loads as they’re lifted - typically by a crane, hoist, or winch - so they're perfect for manufacturing, metal yards, animal care or other industries that weigh heavy objects.

Our range of crane and hanging scales includes the Teleshak-B Telemetry Load Shackle, MCRH Wireless Crane Scale, as well as the compact and lightweight MDM-W. They all boast various weighing ranges and overload ratings so there's an option to suit your needs.

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