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Load Shackles

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If it’s load shackles you’re looking for, then Meltrons has you covered. Our range includes lightweight, compact Shackle Weighers, the TELSHACK-B Wireless Crosby, and MDM Dynanometers available in varying weighing capacities to suit all needs. Load shackles such as these are perfectly suited for compact lifting, weighing, and force tension measurement tasks across a range of harsh or rugged operating environments including oil, gas, marine, and construction.

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More information on Meltrons' load shackles

Boasting a robust construction and easy installation, load shackles are specially designed for measuring tensile loads in challenging operating environments. They’re most commonly used for under hook crane weighing, rigging, and heavy lifting, though they’re also perfectly suited for monitoring tensile loads where headroom is limited. Our range includes wireless stainless steel load shackles with an IP67 rating, ensuring they’re ready for whatever you have to throw at them.

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