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Thermal Printers

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Meltrons' thermal printers are compact, reliable, and lightweight, making them the ideal digital printing solution for anything from filling station pumps and information kiosks, through to point of sale systems and shipping facilities. Their connectivity with food scales also make label printing easy in delis, grocery stores, farmers markets, cafeterias, grocery stores bakeries and pizzerias.

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More information on Meltrons' thermal printers

Unlike regular printers that use ink or toner, thermal printers - as their name suggests - use heat to produce an image on paper. Not only are they quieter than other dot matrix or inkjet printers, they’re also that much faster, smaller, and lighter, and consume less power, making them a far more economical option for portable or retail applications alike.

Their speed and quality has seen thermal printers quickly become a popular option in airlines, banking, entertainment, and healthcare industries, as well as retail and grocery stores where they’re used with food and labeling scales for point of sale transactions, where label printing functionality speeds up the checkout process.


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