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We have received the feet for the scales. Thank you so much.

I would like to express our gratitude to you for your exceptional service, I would like to do this publicly, do you have a website where we can make comments please.

We appreciate that you have gone above and beyond to make everything run smoothly, Thank you so much.

Sandra Carroll



Big thankyou to Sam, and the technician, who travelled to our Waikato farm today. 

It has given piece of mind to my daughter, who was so keen, that after 53 years of using the DONALDS HYDRAULIC cattle weighing scales, we should upgrade to your product. The cattle handling yards that Sam entered today, I built in an upgrade in 1980, so it has seen thousands of cattle movements, as we weigh all the cattle on the farm monthly. Finding an engineer free of contracts, to build a weighing deck to our specifications to fit the race, was the first issue, and then we had to wait six weeks to get it galvanised. I designed the deck with fine tolerances, because we did not want the cleats on calf hoofs getting trapped. What I did not allow on was a 10mm inwards bow on the bottom timber rail board, and an outwards bow of about 5mm on the 90 degree rolled flange, designed to channel cattle waste to where we could hose it down.The installing of the deck I left to my daughter, and her partner, as by then [June 2023] I was heavily involved in my organizing role at the NZ National Fieldays. When I inspected their handy work, I discovered that they had abandoned attempts to trim a little wood off the bottom rail, because without setting up a saw guide, the saw started to follow the grain of the 40 year old hard wood.

This then meant that with any sideways movement of the deck, it could rub against the railings creating friction, that necessitated more use of the reset button, than would otherwise be the case.

So long story short, I am very pleased Sam, that you went to the trouble to come down today, and assist my daughter. Now we can get this months cattle weighing done, and plan for the last two months of our financial year.   Plus many more years use with the load cells and display, that you supply.

Alan Sharp

Sharps Farm


Millennium Mechatronics helped us solve a unique application of measuring compression and tension forces. The MM team is simply awesome.   Responsive, professional, problem solving, and providing complete support of their equipment. We would highly recommend their products and services.

With gratitude and appreciation,


Irønskinn protective dive suits


I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for you help on Wednesday. The quick and prompt service was awesome  and the parts supplied work perfectly. (better than previous one)

Could you please pass this message on to all involved

Again thanks for the team


Richard Melvin



Thanks for the loadcell and indicator.  Arrived on time and works very well.  Better than expected in fact.  We are getting repeatability and drift of under +/- 3 gr.  Out of an inexpensive 100kg loadcell, that's bloody amazing!

Well done guys.

Ross Osborne

South Pacific Avionics Ltd  


This was to augment my own Test Equipment Kit.  I have found your service to be excellent, prompt and the goods always well packed and ready for use.  So combining this with competitive pricing – you have my preference for Load Cell supply.  Good luck for the future.

John Donaldson

Managing Director Inprod 


We have found Mathew and his team at Meltrons to be more than helpful. They have always gone the extra mile helping us to help our customers.Their prices have enabled us to be very competitive and increase our sales.

Keep up the good work.

Iain & Julie Lindley 

Accurate Calibration Services Ltd

New Zealand


Just to say thanks for the fast and efficient service we receive with regards to the supply and availability of loadcells which are not off the shelf products these days.

These products have pulled us out of awkward situations with clients a few times now.

Also we are pleased with the new equipment which we have purchased recently especially the MW series.We are getting good feedback from our regular customers.

Once again thanks for you help and will be in contact again soon.

Colin Saunders

Premier Weighing Ltd, New Zealand


We have purchased two of Meltrons systems, the first was weighbridge load cells and reader for our weighbridge and the second a set of bars and reader for our platform scales. We have found both products very reliable, easy to use and accurate for both the grain truck weighing and livestock on the platform scales. We have no difficulty recommending Meltrons for their customer assistance and competitive pricing on their products.

Donaldson Farming P/L

NSW, Australia


This supplier is possibly the very best I have encountered. Super obliging and friendly, faster than a speeding bullet. AWESOME product (commercial scales) EXCELLENT value. Couldn't be happier.

Karen q Temple

Founder , makewine.co.nz

New Zealand


Meltrons created a custom load pin for us that permitted a rapid in-situ test of component loading that gave us transient loading as a graph. This test kit could be taken overseas and tested in actual customer installs in 5 minutes. We have gained huge insight into our product stresses and can now improve it based on known mechanisms and measure improvements.

If you have a challenging load measurement task, see these people !

Great service and their custom pins are quite affordable.

Greg, Abiliquip, New Zealand


Meltrons 100% commitment to excellence in caring customers through dedicated technical support – the big difference.

Jesus Gernale
Calamba City, Philippines



Value for money, world class products from Meltrons New Zealand! Meets with and exceeds Indian Weights & Measures standards. Meltron's loadcells have given us peace of mind as corner errors are already settled and we have excellent results and satisfied truck scale customers.

George Daniel
New Delhi, India


Excellent product, great service, after sales support and contact. Highly recommended. Meltrons knows their products in and out.

Auckland, New Zealand



Top seller, top product, super happy

Hamilton , New Zealand


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