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If you're in the market for a weighing scale, you'll find what you're looking for here at Meltrons. For well over 25 years now, we've been supplying businesses across New Zealand with accurate, affordable weighing solutions for most any task.

Light or heavy? Commercial or industrial? We have scales boasting a variety of sizes, capacities, and specialised features that are perfectly suited to your application. So when it comes to weighing scales, consider Meltrons. We're a trusted supplier who has built a reputation for helping Kiwi businesses weigh more effectively and efficiently, for less.


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Peer into the packhouses, delis, and warehouses across New Zealand and you’re likely to come across one of our weighing scales at work. Why? Because we’re the name Kiwi businesses trust to provide accurate, robust weighing solutions they can rely on day-in, day-out.

Our commercial and industrial weigh scales have been making light work of tasks for more than 25 years. Over that time we’ve built our reputation on our range and experience, which includes key aspects such as design, development, technical expertise, manufacturing, as well as quality control of loads cells, weigh scales, and weighing electronics.

Our scales serve industries as difficult as they are diverse. Deli? Corner store? Supermarket? Our Food & Labeling Scales have you covered. Manufacturer or metal yard? Give our Crane Hanging Scales a look. As for cattle or cats? Our Animal Scales are up to the task. Whatever the task our solutions are up for the job, whether it’s the accuracy of one of our Counting or Price Computing Scales, or the dependability of our Platform Scales for heavier tasks.

This is just a snapshot of the diverse range we stock, the industries we serve, and the value we provide. It’s all part of our dedication to providing New Zealand businesses with quality weighing solutions for sale at affordable prices that are of superior design and quality. We tip the (weighing) scales in your favour without tipping your budget into the black.

Can’t find the scale you need? We can design and develop a custom solution for all of your needs, delivering the product you require and not what we expect you to purchase. Just get in touch and we’ll set you up with a solution that will revolutionise your weighing processes.



  • How Do I Know Which Scale I Need?

    Not all weighing tasks are created equal, which is why not every scale is suited to every job. Guarantee accuracy while cutting out the hassle by finding out more about our scales, as well as what you need to know in order to make the selection process a simple one.

Do I Need A Trade Approved Scale?

New Zealand law requires that businesses intending to package or sell items by weight use a scale that’s been approved for trade. This ensures the scale has received the rick of approval from both the Trade Measurement Unit of New Zealand, as well as Trading Standards New Zealand.

Find out more about Trade Approved Scales ->

If So, What Options Are Available?

New Zealand businesses have been using our Trade Approved Scales for years, so chances are you’ll also find an option here that suits your needs. Our AP Price Computing Scales, for example, are perfectly suited to industries that sell food products, such as supermarkets or delis. The MP4252 Platform Scale, on the other hand, makes light work of heavier tasks thanks to its increased capacity and rugged, sturdy design.

How Often Should They Be Calibrated?

Scales usually undergo calibration at least once a week, especially if they’re in regular use. This process is easy when using our Cast Iron Test Weights. Otherwise, we offer onsite calibration so you can start weighing sooner rather than later.

How Long Can Scales Operate On Battery Power?

Whether you regularly relocate, or need to operate independently of mains power, our scales boast a rechargeable battery life of upwards of 100Hhrs. If that’s not long enough, consider the Trade Approved CAS PB Portable Platform Scale and its 300hrs of uptime. Out of juice? Simply plug in and recharge.

What Are The Maximum And Minimum Weighing Capacities?

Steel? Feathers? Or something in-between? No matter what you’re weighing, we offer a diverse range of solutions with the capacity - and accuracy - you require. Our Bench and Precision Balance Scales, for example, are sensitive enough for even the lightest objects, while on the opposite end of the scale, our Platform Scales combine rugged design with capacities of up to 5,000kgs.

How Large - Or Small - Are The Trays?

Weight is important, but so is size. That’s why we stock a variety of shapes and sizes, from the smallest of the small in our Bench Scales at 120mm x 120mm, through to much larger 1500mm x 1500mm Platform Scales.

Are Portable Options Available?

If it’s weighing on the go you’re after, our Bench Scales are you best bet. Compact, lightweight, and easily packed up and moved, there’s little wonder as to why they’re renowned for their portability. If you require something with more capacity, our Platform Scales feature detachable indicators which makes relocation a cinch.

What About Waterproof Scales?

Wet or washdown environments call for a different kind of solution. That’s why we offer both the MW Series and MWS Waterproof Scale. This duo’s strong, study design and waterproof housing mean they’re ideally suited for environments prone to regular cleaning, liquids, or chemicals.

Where Can I Find The Manual Or User Guide?

User Guides for our products can be found on the Downloads page. Simply scroll or search through for your model, and then click on the highlighted link to open a copy of the manual in your internet browser.

Detailed specification sheets can be found on individual product pages.

Is My Scale Covered By A Warranty?

Products manufactured by, or for Millennium Mechatronics are warranted against faulty material and workmanship for a period from the date of purchase. Up to 1 year for Weighing Scales, Load Cells, and Printers, and 6 months for batteries of Scales and Indicators.

Find out more about our Warranty Policy ->

I Can’t Find What I’m Looking For, Are Custom Options Available?

If you can’t find a product in our range that ticks every box, get in touch and we’ll work with you to design a custom Load Cell or Weigh Scale solution that meets your exacting specifications and expectations on quality, affordability, and reliability. With more than 25 years of experience under our belt, we’re well equipped to design and deliver a weighing solution that fits your requirements.

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