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Force Gauges

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When you shop at Meltrons you have access to our wide selection of quality, reliable force gauges, including crane scales, dynamometers, and load cells. Easy to setup and use, force gauges are the device of choice when it comes to force measurement, particularly in industries that require the precise measurement of push and pull forces.

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More information on Meltrons' force gauges

Where weighing scales are used to measure the weight of a given object in either KGs or LBs, force gauges are small, often portable measuring instruments tasked with measuring both tension (pull) and compression (push).

Digital and mechanical force gauges like these have near limitless applications in tension and compression force testing, which makes them an invaluable tool in areas such as R&D, Laboratories, Quality Control, Assurance, and Production. It’s in these scenarios where they’re often used to determine the strength, quality, and functionality of a part or product, such as spring and metal wire testing or strength testing for welds and adhesives.

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