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Trade Approved Scales

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Don’t get caught out using a non-trade approved weighing solution and risk fines, charges, or other unnecessary legal ramifications. Instead? Check out Meltrons’ selection of trade approved, accurate weighing scales that will serve your business now and into the future.

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More information on Meltrons' trade approved scales

If your business is using weighing equipment in the trading or selling of goods by weight, then you’re using it ‘for trade’, which means you’re required to use a trade approved scale which has undergone rigorous testing and been legally determined to be suitable for trade.

Scales used for the measuring or weighing of goods for trade are required, by law, to be approved by the Trading Standards New Zealand, as well as verified and stamped by an accredited third party on an annual basis. These trade approved scales, such as those offered by Meltrons, are tested by the Trade Measurement Unit of New Zealand, which ensures they comply with weighing regulations that govern trade transaction.

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