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PT210 Advanced Digital Weighing Indicator

PT210 Advanced Digital Weighing Indicator

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The PT210 is a smart indicator for industrial weighing process applications offering
powerful PLC integration facilities; standard serial ports such as RS-232C, RS-485, up to 4 digital inputs and 5 relay outputs.

The PT210 series, apart from the PT210DIN, is approved by Weights & Measures
Authorities for use in Accuracy Class III applications with 10000 scale intervals in
accordance with OIML R76.

The PT210 is available in a range of versions to connect by various fieldbus protocols such as Ethernet, Modbus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen and also a version with analogue output. There is one DIN rail mount version with Analogue and ModBus RTU.


  • Up to 1600 measurements per second
  • 16,000,000 internal resolutions
  • Up to 100000 scale divisions
  • OIML R76 Approved models
  • Up to 8x 350 Ω load cells
  • Programmable for tension - compression testing with analogue output.
  • Ergonomic design with small size
  • 13.5 mm LED display
  • Multiple units (g, kg, t, lb, klb, N, kN)
  • vCal Electronic calibration from PC
  • Linearity correction
  • Gravity compensation adjustment
  • Programmable via PC
  • RS-232C & RS-485 serial interface
  • 12 - 28 VDC supply
  • up to 4 digital inputs, 5/6 Relay contact outputs
  • Output Relays can be controlled by PLC


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