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PT110LC Load Cell Conditioner

PT110LC Load Cell Conditioner


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The PT110LC is a DIN rail mounted micro-controller based analogue load cell transmitters. They have very high accuracy and long term stability with advanced design.
Using an up to-date delta-sigma ADC and 16 bit DAC to achieve higher speed and accuracy these instruments give the system designers a lot of advantages towards increasing system reliability and reducing the installation and service times. All instruments’ analogue outputs are matched during production to simplify calibration with a PLC and to simplify exchanging the instrument without recalibration in service when initial adjustment has been performed in the PLC.


  • 0.01% Non-linearity
  • 4-20mA, 0-10V output configurable
  • 24 bit ADC
  • Low temperature drift
  • Easy to calibrate


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